What is the purpose of backups and why should you backup your data?

Every day a large amount of data is produced by small to big companies. Data loss is, therefore the biggest risks for companies that depend on their data. Nevertheless, data backup is often overlooked. The point of backing up data is to enable restoration of data at a later point in time when something crucial has happened. Fortunately, we do offer backup solutions for every server plan. Below we will explain what type of backup solutions we offer.

Together with our partners, TGS Solutions provides the scalability, intelligence and cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your data. Accelerate your critical workloads from core to edge to cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.

  • Speed — Incremental backups are done at the block level which is more efficient than a standard file-level backup.
  • Reliable — The technology is used to protect more than 200,000 servers in the world’s largest data centers.
  • Multi-Platform — Server Backup Manager supports both physical and virtual servers on Windows and Linux.
  • Scalable — Manage thousands of servers on a single, web-based console. Extensible architecture allows for adding repositories as you grow.
  • Flexible — Restore large files systems or entire servers with Bare-Metal Restore, or perform a granular file restore and one-click WM restore.