Most of you would agree that life without computers is unimaginable, both at home and in the workplace. You must be wondering what Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Hosting is and how is it helpful? There is no denying that as technology is advancing, more and more people are using computers and their applications practically every day and everywhere. The conventional practice was to invest in a computer then again spend a lot on buying the assorted software for the numerous applications, with its use confined mainly to that desktop and virtually inaccessible elsewhere. This is where VDI Hosting comes into play. How? One might ask. Here is an attempt to explain the process.

As the name suggests, a virtual desktop is operated virtually. The concept of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is actually quite simple. It relies on the internet and the cloud. It may sound too fantastic to be true, but it is a highly advanced technology that enables the desktop applications to run on centrally hosted virtual machines, either through centralized servers or via the cloud space. Virtual Desktop is a combination of both remote desktop connections and virtualization. These virtual servers run on Windows operating system and any Windows app or data can be accessed by any device anywhere. There are innumerable benefits to Windows VDI Hosting.